Vision Changes Today

Vision is a picture of the future. If it is compelling, then it changes the way we live today. Is your vision compelling? Does it move you to action?


  • Jeff Peck

    Thanks for this post, Bryan. Grateful for your wisdom and insight. My compelling, magnetic, and energizing foundational vision for life flows directly from my calling to ministry which I received from God years ago. I vividly remember this call being conveyed to me in High School youth group and also during classes at college and again during my Master of Divinity classes. God has put me here to help people become who they were born to be. After receiving my MDiv, I was ordained and lived out this calling as a Youth Pastor helping teenagers become disciples of Jesus Christ, learning to Love God and Love People. For the past 6 years, I have been living out and embracing my calling by serving as Pastor of Braden River UMC here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Each day, I am Loving, Learning and Leading in community with others. I was born a lifelong learner with an insatiable appetite for books, music, nature, people and creative innovation. My pioneer spirit continues to soar as I embrace each New Moment that God provides. Beyond Grateful to my King, Savior and Lord of my Heart, Jesus Christ, my Alpha and Omega, and my Prince of Peace.

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