• David Mills

    Well done my brother and partner in generative ministry! Your message is timely, encouraging and instructive not only for churches but the communities we serve.

  • Ron Crandall

    Well done! I love that you took advantage of your own special “context” to make it a visual reality. Good flow and energy with enough scripture and concept repetition to keep tracking always toward the goal. Not sure exactly where or when in our usual process we might employ it. I‘ll let the coaches figure that out.

  • Kerrin Kirkpatrick

    Thanks Bryan – I needed that! I would live to send this link to the leadership of the church I am serving – sometimes an “expert from afar” needs to say things that cannot be heard in house! May I share it?

  • Cathy Johns

    Thanks for the reminder that God is our help. Every pastor I know is tired; this is exhausting work. We are doing different, new things which is fine but the “old tasks” do not go away (weddings and funerals that have to be done differently too!). Sadly we are also inundated with many well-meaning people and agencies who send us technical solutions (in March and April nearly ten per day). The laity have cared for us with excellence; all is well.

    The Song of Ascent was also helpful as our spiritual ancestors lifted up their eyes to Jerusalem and sang to God as they walked UP!
    Last week I saw an eagle flying. I asked my daughter, 33, if she knew what eagles do in a storm. I was happy to share the answer: they fly above it.

    God bless you Bryan! Hope our paths can connect again someday soon!

  • Fred Blackwell

    Excellent message, Bryan. In addition to faith-based coaching (SLI & others), I do secular coaching. This message is relevant in both worlds. I’m sure that Heifetz was thinking about secular contexts. I’m working with a large manufacturing company in Oklahoma now. We are in fact using the same methodology…..fixing our view on the peak in the distance….understanding the challenging context within which we find ourselves….determining who we want to be (values). (By the way, we also use accountability partners. We call it peer coaching.) We can’t see from the balcony when we’re engaged in hand-to-hand combat.
    Heifetz is hitting the nail on the head. We have to have a view from the balcony. I will share your message with some faith-based partners, too, as we move forward.
    I also very much appreciate your comments relative to strategy. All too often, what we think is strategy is only an ineffective tweak of existing tactics. Again, this is difficult to appreciate when we’re in the midst of hand-to-hand combat and surrounded by the hounds. Only the balcony view can give us a clear perspective.
    Of course, the principles outlined in your video message reinforce the proven methodology that has so successfully been field tested numerous times by Spiritual Leadership, Inc. I think that in six and a half minutes you have captured a very clear and digestible way to express these principles. This message could provide an attractive entry-way to interest those who are having difficulty escaping the vortex of daily struggle but who aspire to get to the balcony.

  • Claire H Andrews

    Well done, Bryan! Great explanation of taking our situations to the balcony. This question of who does God want me to be has come up multiple times in various contexts over the last few days. Many are beginning to recognize the need to “Be” before we know what we are to do. I realize this need for myself as well. Without the groundedness of being in Christ, without looking to see where He is at work, and without stopping to hear Him, I have no idea what to “do”. Thank you for the reminder! God bless you and Mylinda and all your crew! I look forward to connecting soon!

  • Shane Warta


    Thanks for offering your relevant take on Heifetz’ work. Your experience and what you’re seeing is valuable! Without faith in Jesus, it can easily feel as though the line-of-sight has been taken away in the midst of these challenges. I appreciate the push to the balcony. I have to force myself to find the stairs up to the balcony or find an elevator if I’m too tired…but just get there and then Matthew 6:6 – But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.


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